How Causal unlocked growth with video

Causal is a business planning tool for start-ups.

We established 3 main objectives at the start of the project:

  1. Increase User Activation

  2. Shorten Sales Cycles

  3. Grow Top of Funnel

User Activation

Causal is a powerful tool – imagine a spreadsheets on steroids – but it had a steep learning curve, which meant some users would sign up but wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use it and would eventually churn.

In order to increase user activation and reduce churn, we created video documentation series that walked through different parts of the product.

Causal for Finance

Causal 101

Shorten Sales Cycle

Causal’s ACV doesn’t really support lengthy sales cycles with multiple AE-led demos. It’s also not the best experience for the buyer.

So in order to shorten sales cycle times and improve the buyer experience, we created a library of best-in-class demos.

Financial Consolidation Demo

Users can view demos before they get on a call with a sales rep; sales reps can also share these with prospects after their call instead of the zoom recording.

We also filmed customer case studies where they actually showed how they used the product and what they liked about it. Customer Case Study

This reduced the need to set up customer reference calls which could also add weeks to the sales cycle.

Grow Top of Funnel

LinkedIn was the best channel for Causal so we decided to double down on it by creating LinkedIn-native content targeted specifically at Causal’s ICP.

We created video shorts where the Founder shared his earned insights from building Causal.

Founder Led Marketing

We also used this format to announce new product releases every month.

February Product Release

We then took the best performing posts and turned these into LinkedIn ads, targeted based on company size and employee job title.